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pinjachan [userpic]
by pinjachan (pinjachan)
at January 4th, 2012 (10:49 pm)

Hi guys. I just started to use LiveJournal. I found this and I knew this would be the place for me.
So, I could tell you something about me, ne?

Name: Pinja
Country: Finland
Age: 16
Languages I speak: Finnish (My native language), English, Swedish and a bit Chinese and Japanese
Favorite bands: An Cafe, SID, X JAPAN, Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-
Favorite songs: An Cafe - Ryuusei Rocket, SID - Natsukoi, X JAPAN... hard ._. well, maybe Crucify my love and kurenai, Versailles - Serenade and Ascendead master. Still, I like all of the songs from all of these bands. ^^'
Other bands/artist I like: MUCC, Ayabie(also, the new one AYABIE), Miyavi, the GazettE and so on
Hobbies: Japanese language, fanfiction (mainly in Finnish), listening music

I'm started high school this autumn so I'm freshman. I like to make friends with people. I'm on computer, a lot and I love to listen music. I've listened An Cafe three years now, not very much, thought but still.
I don't really know, what should I tell so if you want, feel freely to ask questions.

You can find me in Lastfm, Twitter, Tumblr and Jpopasia, too. (n_n)/

NiHiL [userpic]
by NiHiL (bou_in_black)
at July 19th, 2007 (01:56 pm)

current location: My room
current mood: sleepy
current song: Hatsukoi- AnCafé

Hi everyone XD I'm new here (*^_^*)

Name: Anne Sophie
Alias: Mi-chan
Age: 16
Location: Denmark
Favourite bands: AnCafé, Dir-en-Grey, Moi Dix Mois and Raphael
Currently listening to: Meguriaeta Kiseki- AnCafé,  BondS-AnCafé, Akuro no Oka- Dir en Grey
Why TerukiXBou?: Because they are meant to be o(^-^)o

Kiki-Celina [userpic]
by Kiki-Celina (kiki_c)
at April 4th, 2007 (12:17 am)

New RP community. Looking for new members. 
Just started so there's not much to it right now.


Niimura Shinya [userpic]
Sad and lonely muse ahead
by Niimura Shinya (niimura_shinya)
at March 26th, 2007 (12:36 pm)

current mood: hungry

Hi there.. I posted an intro a few... months ago o.o

I am posting this to say that... My Bou muse is sad, lonely, and
longing for a Teruki muse to play with.

If there's someone interrested, please, poke me ! ^^

I play with MSN only !

*Offers cookies and Butterflies*

lucid_acolyte [userpic]
by lucid_acolyte (lucid_acolyte)
at March 16th, 2007 (01:06 pm)
current song: super rabbit

um..hi! ^__^

I'm cris

This is my first time to join a community so newbie here. ^__^

Actually, I also love otherXbou pairings but terukixbou is my first love.

<-a big fan of bou. XDXDXD

Niimura Shinya [userpic]
Introduction Post
by Niimura Shinya (niimura_shinya)
at November 27th, 2006 (04:41 pm)
current mood: awake
current song: An Cafe - Shikisai Moment - Tekesuta Kousen (In my head)

I normally don't do those, but I'm bored so, meh.

Name : Shinya Niimura

Age : 23

Favorite bands : Dir en grey, An Cafe, and some others

Favorite songs : Diru : Too many An Cafe : All o.o (But I do have a soft(er) spot for Tekesuta Kousen)

Why Teruki X Bou ? : Because I love Teruki and I love Bou, so.. Why not making it double love and put them together ? :P

Random facts :

- I am a grammar Nazi

- I am a roleplay addict (MSN only)

- My Bou muse is searching for a Teruki

- I love Female!Pregnant!Bou (Yes, that's het o.o)

- I love Mary Sues (When it's me who's the Jrocker's girlfriend :P) <-- On that one.. If anyone's interrested, I'm searching for a Teruki and/or a Female!Bou (Yes, I love yuri, too)

- I am quite open minded *Points to above*

- And that's about it ^^;;;;;

by яє∂ νєℓνєт нσσкєя (minimoy)
at November 20th, 2006 (10:15 am)

current mood: curious
current song: Dacco - Koigaoka -New Mix-

This is really to the mods, but I figured I'd ask :3

Would this community like to affiliate with the kanonxbou comm? And don't flame me, TerukixBou was my first love. But KanonxBou won me over XD;

But since I'm posting, I shall introduce myself ♥

I'm Tula; I'm 19; I mod dears since Gackt is my first love. TerukixBou was my first AnCafe pairing and it was my favorite until I started RPing KanonxBou, but I actually like reading TerukixBou fanfics more than any other AnCafe pairings.

Um, I think that's it? XD;

kyavi_is_love [userpic]
by kyavi_is_love (kyavi_is_love)
at September 14th, 2006 (09:21 pm)

current mood: Wheee~
current song: Touch - BoA

Normal stuff:
Name: Amber
Age: 13
Location: Cheese State
Favourite bands: Super Junior, An Cafe, Dir en grey, the GazettE, TVXQ, L'Arc, HYDE
Favourite song(s): U (Super Junior), Secret Track (An Cafe), Love and Joy (Yuki Kimura)
Why TerukiXBou?: Because Bouxanyone else makes me cry. ;o;
No, just kidding okaynotreally.
TerukixBou is just too adorable.
And they're always all over each other.
and gaah they just make me happy. :D

Random facts:
- I'm in love with Super Junior. :D! (STFU YOU GUYS >:O )
- I'm the second half of Chanber
- I'm cooler than you.

Ohhsnap. :D


dreamer1202 [userpic]
by dreamer1202 (dreamer1202)
at September 6th, 2006 (05:18 pm)

current location: home
current mood: optimistic

Normal stuff:
Name: Amelia
Age: 16
Location:... (slightly) lost
Favourite bands: An Cafe, Miyavi, Gazette
Favourite song(s):Escapism - An Cafe and We love you -Sekai wa Kimi wo Aishiteru- by Miyavi
Why TerukiXBou?: Because that cuteness shouldn't remain untapped.

Random facts:
-I love squirrels.
-I am ornitophobic.
-I love visual kei.

LuciFleur [userpic]
by LuciFleur (lailu)
at September 5th, 2006 (06:47 am)

Normal stuff:
Name: God (Shush those of you who know my name.)
Age: Um God age?
Location: Heaven.
Favorite band(s):Too many to name. AnCafe is in there though so it's fine
Favorite song(s): Too many
Why TerukixBou?: Because Bou is cute and Teruki is funny.

Random Factoids:
-I'm God. So suck it.

And if it's ok I'll be the Bou Rpers Teruki. Because any chance to molest Bou is cool with me XD Only if it's fine with everyone though......Except Kiki.....because she's a funsucker.... Mucho Rabu

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